Everything You Should Know About Oilskin Jacket

Are you ready to camp with us? Grab your favorite oilskin jacket and enjoy the woods. Oilskin jackets track down their origin in the Australian outback but some say they were first invented by a Scottish sailor in New Zealand in 1898. Thanks to this awesome jacket because Australians have worn it as their go-to attire in the woods. Camping lovers know that they have to buy oilskin jackets to protect them on the trek.

According to the pioneer makers of oilskin jackets, Edward Le Roy, a ship worker in 1898, first tried mixing linseed oil and wax to produce a wet weather gear. This new invention became the sailors’ favorite so Le Roy decided to produce oilskin jackets from Manly, a suburb in Sydney.

People love the versatility of the product and in a short span of time, the garments have become a household name for sailors, campers, and woods workers. Why do they love and buy oilskin jackets? They simply match the weather, environment, and work of the people. They can last a lifetime and their style never fades. People saw the comfort and style of the jackets and their versatility in the bush. Fast forward to our modern style, the jackets are now worn by everyone from all walks of life.

With its classic style, quality, and comfort, people trust the durability of oilskin jackets. Australians love and support classic outdoor jackets and vests. One can easily notice the loyalty of our people when it comes to original products and we are grateful to everyone for this genuine love.

How to Take Care of Your Oilskin Jacket

Just like what everyone knows, buying an oilskin jacket is an investment because it lasts a lifetime. It goes without saying that taking proper care of your beloved garments is a must.

Here are some tips to help.

Simply dry your oilskin jacket naturally after use

Hand wash or soak your jacket with cold water only. Putting it in a washing machine is a major mistake.

Do not use detergent on it as well.

Use a sponge and cold water for cleaning it.

Gently brush away any mud on the oilskin with a soft brush.

Apply garment dressing to re-oil your jacket when you find it leaking.

Any mold formation can be best removed by hanging it up for a couple of weeks on a hot day.

If you need to re-oil your garment for any reason you will need to wash it first, using the steps above. By keeping these procedures, you can buy oilskin jackets now for your whole family and start invading the woods.