Tips to maintain your gas magazines

Keeping your magazines clean and in a good condition is essential in the world of BB guns. Typically, your magazines are the most essential part of your BB gun, and without them, you cannot use your gun. With that said, it’s essential to make sure that you keep your magazines in good condition throughout the entire year. In this post, we shall give you important tips on how to keep your gas magazines in good condition. Please note that most of the cleaning process for these magazines comes by being proactive, unlike taking your time to clean the magazines. Read on for more information! Air gun dealers.

Please note that keeping your gas magazines in a good condition is quite easy when you know how it’s done. However, trying the job the first time can be challenging and messy at the same time, especially when the springs shoot in different directions. Thus, you should be careful to avoid losing the springs, because if that happens, it will be hard to get your magazine up and running again. Therefore, ensure you have a clean and clear workstation so that in case you drop something it will be much easier to find it.

Prevent, to avoid fixing

As said earlier, most of the work done to keep your gas magazines in good condition is in the general usage of the magazines. Unlike the mid and low-cap mags, gas mags are not entirely strippable. Therefore, you cannot open your gas magazines to repair them. Although certain magazines can be opened up, you should avoid doing so because of the different moving parts in these magazines.

When maintaining and cleaning your magazines, you will notice that most of these steps are very simple. However, you will need to follow these steps after using your gun. Thus, you set some time aside to clean your equipment—this will save you a lot of money and stress later.

Remove all the BBs

Although this might sound like a pretty simple thing, the number of people who don’t remove the BBs from their magazines is very high. Airgun pistol scope. And, while this might seem like a harmless act, the springs that drive the BBs into your gun tend to weaken if compressed for long periods. Thus, they will struggle to feed your gun once they weaken. Therefore, removing all the BBs from your gas magazine released the spring’s tension, thus keeping it in a good condition for future use.

Gas up your magazine

While emptying all the BBs from your mag is recommended, it’s always advisable that you keep your magazines with some gas inside because of the O-rings. Failing to keep some gas inside the magazines can cause the O-rings to dry, thus affecting the performance of your gun. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to fill your mags with small quantities of gas—and this has long-term benefits. If you can, consider using green gas, which has small levels of silicon lubricant, as this keeps the seals greased.

Apply a light layer of oil to the metal parts

It’s important to protect all the moving metallic parts of your magazines from corrosion. Thus, always take your time to oil your gas magazines after every few games, as this will ensure your gun is ready for use. Also, you should plan to do this if you want to store your magazines for some time. When applying the oil, pay special attention to the springs, metal bodies, and valves.

Lubricate all the external parts

While using green gas helps you to keep your O-rings in a good condition, most gas mags come with a secondary O-ring, and you cannot lubricate this ring from the inside. However, it’s possible to lubricate the ring from the outside, and this helps to keep it in good condition—that is, fresh, consistent, and leak-free. However, avoid applying excess lubricant, as it can affect the gun’s performance.