Jewellery: the one and only thing to make you look beautiful and confident

Jewellery can uplift a women’s mood anytime. It is the ultimate friend of a woman. Jewellery takes a huge part in the world of fashion. Women of the world are wearing ample jewellery every day. Whether it’s an earring or necklace or bracelet, Jewellery is extremely popular among the women of the world. Women love to wear jewellery on an everyday basis. Jewellery has been an important part of human cultures, serving several purposes which are deeply significant to women. Jewellery is a complement above the outfit. A beautiful outfit does not complete your look; classic jewellery will complement the look, because accessories are the best choice for expression.  

Women love jewelleries since ages, it is something they have inherited. For them without jewellery there is something missing. Jewellery is important for all special occasions such as weddings, anniversary, birthday and regular days. It gives a woman a gorgeous look, which brings out more confidence and beauty in her. There is a great variety of ear jewellery and earrings for unpierced ears  a woman can choose from. Women jewellery can be made of many things such as wood, shells, cloth, pebbles, gold, diamond, bronze, silver, platinum, gemstones, pearls, corals, ceramic and many more. Here are few tips on how you can style your jewellery:

  • Create layers with jewellery– you can make layers with your rings, necklaces and bracelets. When you are layering your necklace go for different lengths, it will draw attention to your face. For bangles always go with vibrant and non vibrant colours together, which will jangle when you move. You can also wear multiple rings at a time. Try to keep the theme the same. 
  • Careful on earrings– an earring frame your face and complement your hair. If you are wearing a long necklace go with a small stud kind of earring. And if you are not wearing any necklace at all, you can decorate your ear with a long pair of earrings. 
  • Know where to stop– often people over style with jewellery, which does not look good. So if you are styling your neck with layered necklaces, try to avoid a hand full of bangles. The earring-necklace concept also works here too.  
  • Experiment with matching and mixing– try to get jewellery which has a dual tone or mix of different metal. It will create a vibrant look. 
  • Know how to complement your outfit– pick an outfit which matches with your jewellery perfectly. As an outfit can look transformed into a special one with the right jewellery and accessories with it. If you are wearing a simple dress you can wear heavy jewellery with it. But if you are wearing bold clothing you can pair it with simple, subtle jewellery. 
  • Ignore the fashion trend– trends influence every person, which is great. But one should never go through a trend by closing eyes, or you will end up losing yourself. Instead of that you can always experiment with jewellery. But go for the style like sterling silver matching bangles which makes you feel confident. And finally, don’t forget your personality; we all are different from others, what looks good in others it has possibilities to look worse in you. So, go for what looks best in you.