Do you need a baby monitor for your nursery?

Most baby items that we use today were not a decade ago. And, most people believe that a baby monitor is something that our parents never had—so, what’ the need of having one now? Another reason for not having a baby monitor is that the baby’s nursery is next door—so, why waste money on such a gadget? Also, parents who know the sleeping sessions of their babies say that they don’t need a baby monitor. 

However, these excuses stop being valid arguments when you consider the number of accidents and fatalities of babies who are left alone, unmonitored. Thus, every parent has one question to answer today—why can’t they take advantage of the baby monitor technology, and yet it has become so cheap? In case you are still wondering why you need a baby monitor, here are a few reasons to convince you. 

Safety and peace of mind

Baby monitors are valuable gadgets, as they allow you to monitor your baby’s activities while in their nursery. It gives parents peace of mind, especially the ones who get very anxious when they leave their babies alone. With a baby monitor, you don’t have to waste your time with regular checks on your baby—your baby monitor will let you know what’s happening. 


Parents need to rest well and get enough sleep. Now, if a parent doesn’t rest or sleep well, it might be a bit challenging for them to look after their baby. Furthermore, lack of sleep can cause irritability or depression. But, with a baby monitor, it’s very easy to get into your bedroom and get some quality sleep without being worried. 

It gives you time and space

The ideal time for any parent to do other household chores is while their baby is sleeping. And, a baby monitor comes in handy during such times, as it allows parents to continue working until they hear or see their baby has woken up. Also, it doesn’t need to be work—at times parents need to rest. Having personal time is essential for the mental health of parents. 

Important features in modern baby monitors

Today’s baby monitors do much more than alert you when your baby is awake. However, depending on the design of your home and your lifestyle, you might not need a baby monitor that does all the work. With that, let’s look at a few features in modern baby monitors—these should assist you to choose a baby monitor that suits your needs. 

Infrared night vision

A baby monitor with this feature allows you to see your baby at night. You only need a dim bedside lamp in your baby’s nursery—this will allow you to have a clear picture of your little one—thanks to the infrared night vision. 

Voice activation

This will alert you if your baby is awake. Some brands call this feature VOX, and it will let you know when your baby is awake without having to look at a video or go into their room. 

Multi-camera support

This is a great feature if you have more than one child. A baby monitor with multiple cameras with this feature allows you to see all your babies in one frame. All baby monitors with Wi-Fi, as well as most of the high-end RF monitors have this option. 


This is an important feature that allows you to soothe your baby in case you are not near their bedroom. Also, you can use the feature to let the baby know that you are on your way to the nursery. 


This is another amazing feature that helps to soothe your baby into sleep. The baby monitor will play different lullabies and songs, which can choose from the parent unit or phone.