Dystopian Fashion

“It’s been misinterpreted that form follows function. There’s a lot more to the convergence of fashion and technology than just sewing a smart sensor into a pair of athletic shorts.  Technology wear is a great idea nowadays as they are quick fix to any problem you face. Here are four techwear firms to keep an eye on if you want to see what the future of trendy technology looks like.For more information visit http://www.theunstitchd.com/fashion/dystopian-fashion-technological-apparel-from-futuristic-worlds/

Here are 4 Tech Clothing techwear brands to keep an eye on that combine form and function –


The term Levi’s conjures up images of classic Retro Americana, such as Malt Shops and James Dean. You might be shocked to learn that, in collaboration with Google, the popular denim company is leading the way in hands-free technology for bicycles.

The Commuter X Jacquard Trucker jacket from Levi’s solves two problems at once. One, how can a bicyclist use their hands to handle their radio, phone, or ask for directions? Second, how can they do so while maintaining a polished appearance?

The Unseen

The dream of chameleon-like colour-shifting clothes has existed for as long as people have dreamed of marrying fashion and technology. After all, who hasn’t fantasized about wearing a kaleidoscope that swirls, shifts, and shifts?

The colour-shifting apparel of The Unseen reacts to a variety of environmental conditions, including temperature, wind, and light levels. For example, their alligator bag changes with the seasons. In the winter, it’s black; in the spring, its crimson; and in the summer, it’s blue.

Emel + Aris

You have to be doing something a lot more fascinating than just monitoring heart rate or synchronizing with social media to be considered among the top wearable devices. It must also be attractive. As a wearable and technological item, it must stand out. With its stunning, innovative outerwear, Emel + Aris ticks both of these categories. Although the concept is simple, the implementation and application are not.

With a simple push of a button, the infrared heat is stored and released. It’s essentially centralized heating for your winter jacket that also happens to look great. One of the most practical and functional wearable tech items to date is the Emel + Aris winter jacket.

Wearable Experiments

One of the trendiest and fastest-growing segments of the technology market is augmented reality. Given the importance of sports in the lives of so many uber-fans, it’s only natural that a wearable tech jersey would be one of the first outfits to appear. Wearable Experiments’ novel, immersive approach to assisting fans in feeling the action on-screen surprised us. The football jerseys from Wearable Experiments have a variety of haptic sensors that link through Bluetooth. The haptic sensors allow the wearer to feel the impact of every major play as it occurs.

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from the future of techwear. You must decide according to your personal choices. Prefer the choice of your attire as per the best techno wear quality and features you like.